UNAI – The multimedia Review Web Series

UNAI logo

I’ve been working on a web series project for almost five years now. Mixing computer generated images and live action shots, the series counts today half a dozen episodes available on Youtube.

UNAI tells the story of Unai, an anthropomorphic fox child and Keeper, a human. Both are looking for the Homeless, the center of the universe.

Unai's face

My goal is to create a father-son relationship between the two characters. Each episode is themed around an emotion, and aims to deepen their relationship. The five first episodes last between thirty seconds and two minutes.

UNAI was made by mixing live action film and CGI. The Unai’s character design is cartoonish, to get closer to the idea of a Roger Rabbit.

The universe is inspired by le Petit Prince written by Saint-Exupéry, but also by Star Wars, and Lylat Wars.

I directed these short films by combining my character on a green screen, then I embedded my character in the 3D environment created with the Blender 3D software and I rendered the film on Cycles. I created many versions of the Unai character. First, I thought of him as a robot, then as a little boy with blue skin, but I decided to shape him as a humanoid fox because the rendering of the fur is really interesting, and allows making the character palpable.

The playlist is available on my Youtube channel.

You can also read the making-of on my blog (only in french) !